Ways Portland Kayak Company reduced its costs

Running a kayak company is no walk in the park kind of a job. It involves a lot of investment in terms of capital, resources, manpower, time, effort, and much more. Thus, the trick lies in how effectively you get to optimize all these factors.

This article will throw some useful insights on how you can reduce the operating costs by taking the Portland Kayak Company as an exemplary example.  The Portland Kayak Company has reduced its costs by expanding its business offerings to more than just kayaking. Here is a look at what the Company has to offer its customers.

  1. Tours – One way by which the Portland Kayak Company engages the non-paddlers are by offering them guided tours. This is an interesting way to get both the first-time kayakers and even the most experienced paddlers to have a good time on the seas of Portland.
  2. Classes – The Portland Kayak Company, in addition to guided tours, offers professional classes that are available every weekend by master paddlers and kayakers. Classes include an introduction to the basics of paddling and different types of strokes, how to take control of your boat, and the fundamental concepts of paddling and kayaking. These classes are sure to make you handle a kayak more comfortably than you ever imagined. Schedule checks and bookings can be made online.
  3. Rentals – The Company offers several rental options for both the experienced and amateur paddlers who can rent kayaks at an affordable price. The Company store also provides canoes and off-site kayaks for rentals. Check out what is new in kayaks at https://dream-guides.com/kayak.
  4. A trip to Baja – Another major attraction of the Portland Company is that it offers exclusive vacations to Baja through sea kayaks. Baja, located in Mexico, has the most crystal clear waters and it is one of the most famous kayaking destinations that you can find in the world.