Is It Illegal to Buy Counterfeit? Everything You Need to Know

Of course, buying counterfeit goods is illegal in all the nations across the world.

The company which manufactures the original genuine product will incur a loss because of the sale of counterfeit goods.  The laborers who are employed with decent terms of pay and safety will be on the verge of losing their employment as a result.

The manufacturer of fake goods does not pay tax.  Government loses its revenue because of these goods which flood the market.

Mostly these goods are made in underdeveloped countries using child labor.  The goods are sold by threatening illegal immigrants and making them sell these.

Next time when you consider buying fake goods, remember that you are subscribing all the above crimes by supporting and extending patronage to fake goods.

These goods are simply ruining efforts of real craftsmanship

Why buy fake when real luxury goods are available on offer more at luxtime and many online sellers.

Yes.  You can get genuine luxury goods like handbags, watches, and clothes at cheaper prices using the above opportunity.  Thus you can help in discouraging the sale of counterfeit goods.  These brands manufacture the goods using workforce which is paid well and work in safer conditions without any exploitation.  Moreover, they dispose the wastes without environmental hazard and abide by the regulations of the government.  Genuine goods manufacturers pay the taxes and VAT properly so that government does not lose revenue.

Also by buying genuine luxury goods you indirectly respect the skill of the designer who originally designed it using his skill and creativity.

Always buy genuine luxury brands and stop helping unregulated crime groups indirectly.  These groups use the sale proceeds of fake goods to launder the money earned by them using illegal means like narcotic drug sale, human-trafficking etc.