Five Signs of Mice in Your Business Premises

We take much pain in setting up a business. Right from getting it registered to have it built and organized to manage the business, we invest our time, energy, and money to get it up and running.

However, there are certain minor issues that we fail to notice and take care of before it emerges into a huge problem, which in the end will call for serious attention. One such issue is pest infestation. The emergence of the problem is slow and subtle. We hardly notice it unless there is a major disturbance in the premise that may affect business operations as well. For example, mice infestation if goes unnoticed might result in contaminated food, important documents being chewed upon, a leak in the air vent or gas line, the occurrence of the rat flu, and so on.

Hence, it is important to look out for signs that indicate a possible infestation and eliminate it before it becomes too big to handle. Once, identified, call for pest control but make sure to review some of the pest control company in Edinburgh before you hire one.

Here are five signs that will help you be more wary of mice infestation in your business premise.

  1. Squeaky Sounds – Sharpen your ears to identify squeaky noises under the furniture or within the walls. This could be mice squeaking, scratching, or nibbling.
  2. Bite Marks – Mice love to gnaw on wires, electrical items, cardboard material, etc. Hence, inspect the premise for any such visible pieces of gnawing evidence.
  3. Dirty Droppings – This is another visible sign that you should watch out. Mice droppings are small but you can find a lot of it when there is a mouse around.
  4. Stolen Materials – If you feel your cushion has been ripped apart, curtains being torn, cardboard boxes being nibbled upon, then do not think anymore but be sure that mice have started to dominate your premise by building nests.
  5. The smell of Ammonia – Urine consists of ammonia and so does that of mice’s. Hence, apart from keeping your eyes and ear open, make sure you have a good sense of smell to identify mice infestation.