Considerations when Choosing a Commercial Display Fridge

Owning your own restaurant will possibly require you to be able to show off products to your customers to attract them. One of the most popular ways you can achieve this is by using a commercial display fridge, commercial display fridges are increasingly well known and utilized by various businesses and chains across the US.

Restaurants are in particular well known for increasing usage of these fridges, because they allow easy and convenient storage of products and promotion all at once without any expensive investment.

Here are the most popular display fridge types available today:

  1. Double door

Double door fridges are large and are great for larger restaurants, they allow your customers to simply grab products and checkout immediately. These types of doors have been spotted in practically all types of large restaurant chains including Starbucks, Bigby and the such.

  1. Single door

These are smaller cousins of the double door variants, they can be inserted into small nooks in a restaurant. For example the single-door tefcold Cev425 is a must have for every restaurant as they allow you to store drinks and products right in front of your hungry customers. These are quite popular in smaller restaurants that don’t have enough space to store larger fridge types.

  1. Triple door

This is the largest popular variant of display fridges, in general they tend to be used in larger restaurants that have enough real estate to have them. You should definitely make sure to have measured the dimensions of your business to see if you are willing to sacrifice space to fit this type of fridge in your store.

In conclusion display fridges are great for any restaurant that needs to communicate their products to their consumers. Make sure to choose the right size and measure your business to see if you can use them properly.