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7 Ways To Grow Your Wedding Business in 2018

Make sure you can find the right brides and grooms on Facebook

It can be immensely annoying to have to manually search for brides and grooms on Facebook. To many it may seem quite easy, they are constantly liking your page but at the same time it’s incredibly difficult to reach out to them after the likes happen.

How can you get to these couples without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on targeted Facebook ads?

It actually can be done with the help of a tool we’ve found.

The search is back tool is a tool created by a computer scientist named Michael Morgenstern which makes it easy to search for people you want to find from a menu.

Because the Facebook open graph search is an extremely difficult tool to use, this tool can help alleviate that problem very easily.

It’s also free of charge as well, which makes it possibly the best tool to use for Facebook searches. It is by far the greatest tool to get more bookings today.

Finding brides on Facebook is a breeze using this tool

Use the search tab to find engaged females who meet your definition of someone who would want to book a wedding soon, we’ve used this tool to find engaged brides aged 30 who live in Detroit and have an interest in relationships.

You can use the other options such as:

  • Interests
  • Education
  • Where from
  • Location
  • Former locations
  • Where they live closest to (biggest city)

Using this tool is a great exercise in cognitive ability, finding the best bride using these tools will not be easy nor will it be a trivial task. You should also try designing your business website to conform to standards, I like pixelicious for this reason.…

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