5 Ways Your E-mail Can Get You Fired

Sending and receiving emails are the most important thing at work. Because emails are the only source to show all that we are doing our work in a better way and the targets and accomplishments we have so far done. But sometimes we may do some mistakes in our email and it will make us get fired. cswm’s article will explain more about the email writing style and it will be very useful for the freshers.

  1. We should not simply forward the mail we get from our boss to all our coworkers. We need to read it twice, add some flowery words to it and send them to everyone.
  2. Grammatical mistakes should be avoided while we write emails because the simple grammatical mistakes we do will reduce our respect among the other people and so we should try to read the email twice before sending it to others.
  3. We should never use the colloquial words we use on our usual talk. As the emails are very important to the business, we should try to avoid using the acronyms.
  4. Most of the persons have the habit of sending the reply to all but it should be avoided. We should try to loop the persons in CC those who are involved in that reply message.
  5. The emails should be in an official manner and there is a particular way of writing a mail. If we do not follow those ways, it will definitely make the people feel worse about us. There should be a format followed like it should start with hi or hello, followed by the body of the mail and should end up with thanks or regards with our signature name.

Thus conclude that emails are the ones which will help to find out about our verbal skills. So, we all should try to write emails in an excellent manner without any blunder mistakes.